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While starting a business from the ground up is in no way an easy task, the technological advancements that have come to fruition today have given entrepreneurs a range of tools to utilize, making the process a little less daunting. Because of this, new outlets for business ideas are now at the fingertips of budding entrepreneurs, one specifically being that of cryptocurrency.

Whether a business leader aims to incorporate cryptocurrency in their business idea, or start their own cryptocurrency occupation, this form of technology can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Because this market is continuing to grow with quite a low barrier of entry, extensive research on the subject is required beforehand. The following are some of the many business ventures that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can assist with.

Virtual ATMs

The name may suggest a somewhat ludicrous idea, but one thing that cryptocurrency is limited by is the lack of places where these online payments are accepted. More and more online stores are beginning to recognize cryptocurrency as acceptable forms of payment. Because of this, companies like Dether are beginning to create online automated teller machines, allowing people to buy and sell cryptocurrency whenever, wherever.


Wise investors understand the immense financial gains that are possible through investing. Blockchain technology operates on a decentralized system. This means that financial developers are able to create tools without overhead. There are many apps existing today that give investors much more control over what it is they are putting their money into. Investing in cryptocurrencies themselves is also an option for individuals who make profit off of backing other projects.


As I have discussed in a previous blog, cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of business that every wise company should carefully invest in. Concerns of effective security systems have never been higher following the breach of data Equifax recently went through. Though a great amount of security and software development knowledge is required, professionals can tap into this market by creating advanced forms of security for blockchain networks. This is an industry that will always need improving to stay ahead of hackers and potential data breaches, so it is seen as having the utmost importance for many businesses.

Cryptocurrency provides entrepreneurs with new, innovative ideas that they can incorporate in their business models to pave way for future industries. Blockchain technology is becoming a disruptive field, which is something all entrepreneurs of the future should see as an overabundance of opportunity.